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  • Hayley Kennedy

Family Service Saskatchewan - A collaborative network of non-profit organizations supporting residents across Saskatchewan

Welcome to Family Service Saskatchewan! For over 30 years, we have been delivering supports and services to residents of Saskatchewan.

Quick facts about FS Sask:

  • We support 12 organizations in the delivery of impactful services all across Saskatchewan

  • Our programs work to address mental health, family violence and family supports

  • Collectively, we impact more than 50,000 people annually

  • We offer vital mental health services at the community level that are at no cost or reduced costs

  • We utilize technology to bring services to residents across the province as a new and efficient way of helping people

  • We utilize outcome measurement tools to ensure services are relevant and impactful for those that use them

  • We're committed to working in partnership with all sectors to improve access to timely care and improve the well being of Saskatchewan residents

To learn more about each member agency of Family Service Saskatchewan, and the unique services each organization offers, visit our Members section.

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